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Brittany Taylor
Age: 16

Motto: Rain, rain go away, come again another day. I just did my hair!

Background: Brittany is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, a rather rich couple that lives in Crewe Neck (Private and Proud) and seem to be gone all the time.

Impressions/Personality: Brittany is a little more than just your normal bubbly girl. She's a total airhead. The head cheerleader for the Lawndale cheerleading team, Brittany is very peppy alright. She'll do a cheer anywhere at anytime. She is dating Kevin Thompson, quarterback of the Lawndale Lions, even though he does do some stupid things now and then. But that's alright because their in love...till she gets her modeling contract anyhow. She loves to have parties too, so it seems

Likes & Dislikes: Likes include parties, being the hostess of a party, and a perky, bouncy figure.
Dislikes include people trying to steal her Kevie, feeling bad about not feeling worse and just feeling bad all over again.

Daria's Comment: Kevin's main squeeze. Sugar and spice and Cosmo advice.

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