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Daria Morgendorffer
Age: 16

Motto: Smart is not a four-letter word. That would be smar.

Background: Daria is the daughter of Helen and Jake Morgendorffer and sister to Quinn (thought she insists she's her "cousin"). She is 16, maybe on the verge of 17 depending on when her birthday is. She is a Junior at Lawndale High where she attends with her one and only true amigo, Jane Lane, and some other dim-bulbs like Brittany Taylor and Kevin Thompson. She recently moved from a town called Highland (harking back to Daria's roots).

Impressions/Personality: A cynical, intelligent girl, she can't help but comment on the irony and rather pitiful conditions of her fellow classmates and humans (if you can call them that). She is happy the way she is but can't help but be uncomfortable around guys that she likes. Her highly developed sense of sarcasm just adds to her wit and her use of big words to confuse dense, popular people. She and Jane share alot in common, though she is more pessimistic, it seems, than Jane. She has a crush on Trent Lane, Jane's older brother, but it is unsure how he feels about her.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes include "Sick Sad World", writing, paticularly pieces that are of some contraversial topic, and Animal Maulings on home viedo.
Dislikes include popular people, shopping, makeup, extracirricular activities, weddings, kids, being called a "Misery Chick" and her family.

Daria's Comment: Born alienated. The world is my oyster...but I can't seem to get it open.

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