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Helen Morgendorffer
Age: 43, even though she says she's 38

Background: Helen is the wife of Jake Morgendorffer and mother of Daria and Quinn. She has two sisters, Rita and Amy, and a niece Erin.

Impressions/Personality: A rough and tumble lawyer, Helen seems to pratice "tough love" with Daria and Quinn and devotes most of her motherly-type time to fixing Daria. She has more than a few issues with her sister Rita. Her goals are fixed on becoming one of the top lawyers and getting the spice back into her marriage. She does act irrational sometimes, but is overall more level-headed than Jake. Of course, Helen has had her share of wild days, a flower-child in the 70's. She has tons of clients and is always gone on lunches/breakfasts/dinners with them or talking to her personal assitant on the phone.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes include clothes, her job, various kinds of liquor and taudry love games while the children are away.
Dislikes include Daria's negative attitude, Jake's constant whining and ignoring of the situation, Daria's attitude, loosing a client, zeni a la pesto, and Daria's damn attitude!!

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