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Jane Lane
Age: 16

Motto: Every cloud has a smoky gray lining.

Background: Jane is the daughter of Amanda Lane and the younger sister of Trent Lane, having an older sister, Penny, and two older brothers, Wind and Summer. She is a junior at Lawndale High and has amazingly accomplished the feat of taking Self-Esteem class 6 times. She is good buddies with Daria Morgendorffer and, along with her, likes to make snide remarks about their rather dim-bulb classmates.

Impressions/Personality: Jane and Daria are the best of buds and for good reasons. Seeing as Daria is mostly pessimistic sounding, Jane seems to be optimistic about some things. Jane has an artistic flair and likes to show it by doing weird art projects like gluing stuff to manequins with her old trusty glue gun and drawing bursty women. While Jane doesn't seem to supply the same colorfully abusive commentary Daria does, she balances it out well with her bursts of humour, which is often. She can twist anyone's words up and come out with a terrific comment. Jane seems to be more comfortable around guys (evident in 'The Invitation' and 'Road Worrier').

Likes & Dislikes: Like Daria, she too likes "Sick Sad World" and Animal Maulings on home viedo. She also likes painting, drawing, sculpting, anything that includes art and her glue gun. Another major like of hers seems to be guys. Go figure.
Dislikes include popular people, shopping, family reunions, and paintball games.

Daria's Comment: Artiste extraordinare and pizza fiend. Believes paint-by-number kits are inherently evil.

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