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Jodie Landon
Age: 16

Motto: Did you order your class ring yet?

Background: We don't know alot about Jodie's background. Naturally we assume that she's the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Landon. She is also Mack's girlfriend.

Impressions/Personality: Jodie has an upbeat, bright personality, and is one of the few popular people who is also intelligent. She doesn't discriminate between popular and unpopular people and even chums up with Daria and Jane sometimes. She is always volunteering or working on this or that and seems to be a regular sociliate of the school.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes include extracirrcular activities, fund raising, and just generally helping out.
Dislikes include ....well...nothing really! Maybe overly pessimistic people.

Daria's Comment: Mack's steady date. Does everything by the book and returns it to the library on time.

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