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Michael Jordan Mackenzie
Age: 16

Motto: He ain't heavy......and he's not my brother, either.

Background: The son of Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie, his father changed Mack's name when he was 12 after attending a Chicago Bulls playoff game.

Impressions/Personality: Mack is the captain of the Lawndale Lions and boyfriend of Jodie Landon. He seem to get along fine with popular people, like Kevin and Brittany, but he doesn't discrimanate against who he talks to, as he can sometimes be seen talking to Daria or Jane. He's a smart guy and seems to have alot of friends.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes include Tony the Tiger, Jodie, and football
Dislikes include being called "Mackdaddy".

Daria's Comment: Jodie's boyfriend and captain of the football team. Has to tolerate Kevin, who has taken a few too many hits to the head.

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