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Trent Lane
Age: 21

Motto: Be all that you can be. Or at least try and get up before noon.

Background: Trent is the older brother of Jane Lane and son of Amanda Lane. He has an older sister, Penny, and two older brothers, Wind and Summer. He too attended Lawndale High, having graduated more than 3 years ago. He went off to college but, after a year but found it not to his taste (or he might have been kicked out. Afterall, doesn't sound as if he was much of an achiever in highschool either) and came back home. He now lives overtop of the garage, where he shows no intentions of leaving just yet.

Impressions/Personality: Trent seems to be a well-meaning guy, though he is somewhat oblivious. He plays with his band called Mystik Spiral. He takes everything in stride, though he does worry, as he did in "Road Worrier", about becoming a band that ends up playing Doors covers and L.A. public. Yet he still likes to dream of hitting the big time. You can't really call him a bum, like his uncle does, because bums don't have asperations or dreams, that's why their bums. Also in the last episode of the 1st season, we saw the emergence of a new possibilty on the horizion: Daria. Trent is starting to relizie that Daria's more than his sister's friend...she's a girl. True, while this might be a small feat, it's bound to aid in this season's scripts.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes include his guitar, sleeping, his band, sleeping, writing songs, and sleeping.
Dislikes include being woke up.

Daria's Comment: Jane's older brother. Musician and philospher. His philosophy involves not making any sudden movements....or gradual ones.

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