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Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer
Age: 16

Motto: I like my women like my martinis -- shaken and stirred. Rowrr!

Background: Upchuck is the son of Charles Ruttheimer Jr., a rather wealthy guy with a gold card.

Impressions/Personality: Upchuck is just oozing with sappy charm. He believes he is God's gift to women, a Casanova, if you will. He likes to flaunt his money, offering to buy bikinis and gifts for many girls. Upchuck is just the kind of guy you don't want to take home to mother. He enjoys calling most women "fiesty", besides Mrs. Barch that is.

Likes & Dislikes: Likes include women, money, women in bikins, his father's gold card, and beautiful women.
Dislikes include fake boobs.

Daria's Comment: Would be the love child of James Bond and Jerry Lewis, were such a thing possible.

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